Brokerage Services

From advertising and lead generation to market analysis and follow-up, we work relentlessly to generate interest and attract prospective buyers for your aircraft. We are a growing company and we understand that in order to reach the top we must utilize only the highest quality marketing materials in the business. Therefore, we use professional aviation photographers, ad agencies and industry leading publications to ensure the maximum exposure to the most qualified buyers.

We utilize only certified and reputable people whether it’s aviation counsel, insurance, finance or maintenance. This is not a place to cut corners. Carolina Jet pays for all marketing and advertising costs associated with the sale of your aircraft. There are absolutely no upfront costs to you when you list your aircraft with Carolina Jet. If we do not sell your aircraft, we are not compensated. At Carolina Jet, you do not pay unless we deliver.

Acquisition Process

Market analysis and identification of the best value is the goal. Sometimes the best deal is the airplane that is for sale but has yet to hit the market. Our goal is to identify those aircraft early. Utilizing our relationship with the manufacturers and their salespeople helps Carolina Jet find these deals. We also analyze every aircraft that is on the market and provide you with the best options.

At Carolina Jet, we are only as good as our last transaction. If we don’t do the best job the industry has to offer we haven’t done our job. We only work with other industry professionals who we can count on to help us get the job done. Using these relationships and the tools of the industry we will find you the best opportunities. Identifying the best opportunity is only the beginning. Protecting your interests in a transaction that has the potential for pitfalls is our job! Let Carolina Jet help you minimize those risks. It’s what we do.