2012 Cessna Citation XLS+

N224JV, Serial Number 560-6120

One U.S. owner since new.  Like new inside and out. Based in western North Carolina since new.  Remaining five year warranty to September 2017.  N224JV features WiFi, WAAS and ADS-B and much more.  Call today to find out more about this beautiful XLS+.

Airframe Total Time:  1025
Landings:  1150
Engines Since New:  1025 / 1025
Engine Cycles Since New:  1150 / 1150
APU Since New:  225
APU Cycles Since New:  550

More Information

Total Time: 1025

Price: $7,795,000

Landings: 1150

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2014 Cessna CJ3

N535CM, Serial Number 525B-0411

Like New Cessna CJ3.  Airworthiness date March 13, 2014.  Five years or 5,000 hours (whichever occurs first) warranty.  N535CM is a one owner CJ3 always based in Western, North Carolina.  N535CM comes enrolled and full paid up to current hours on TAP Advantage Blue, Proparts and includes a $50,000 maintenance credit.  The exterior has been treated with Permaguard and the interior features an interchangeable side facing seat and refreshment center.  Call today to find out more about this excellent CJ3.

Airframe Total Time: 350
Landings: 250
Engines Since New: 350 / 350
Engine Cycles Since New: 250 / 250
TAP Advantage Blue

More Information

Total Time: 350

Price: $6,000,000

Landings: 250

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2006 Cessna Citation XLS

N484SF, Serial Number 560-5614

Excellent Pedigree.  Two U.S owners since new.  Always based in North Carolina and maintained at the Citation Service Center in Greensboro, NC.  N484SF features Power Advantage + Engine Programs, Aux Advantage APU Program and ProParts.  N484SF also features dual WAAS Flight Management Systems, Garmin Multi-Function Display, WSI AV-350 Satellite Weather, Electronic Charts, Sirius XM Radio and much more.

New seat leather, carpet and new exterior paint stripes were all added June 2015.  Call today to find out more about this excellent XLS.

Airframe Total Time: 3100
Landings: 2650
Engines Since New: 3100 / 3100
Engine Cycles Since New: 2650 / 2650
APU Since New: 700
APU Cycles Since New: 1725
Power Advantage+
Aux Advantage

More Information

Total Time: 3100

Price: $5,175,000

Landings: 2650

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1997 Cessna CJ

N713SD, Serial Number 525-0218

New Paint and Interior, Excellent Maintenance and Avionics upgrades sets N713SD apart from the competition.  N713SD features Williams TAP Advantage Blue and Proparts.  In addition to the engine and parts programs N713SD also features new paint and interior and Garmin 500W and 400W GPSs.  Complete records and all US history allows easy review of the records.  Call today to find out more about this turn key CJ.

Airframe Total Time: 5875
Landings: 5085
Engines Since New: 5824 / 5824
Engine Cycles Since New: 5022 / 5028
Engine TBO: 4000 / 4000
TAP Advantage Blue

More Information

Total Time: 5875

Price: $1,225,000

Landings: 5085

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2006 Hawker 400XP

N362EA / Serial Number RK-0486

Best Hawker 400XP available for sale today.  N362EA features 250 hours on New Engines.  Paint and Interior were completed by Elliott Aviation in 2011 approximately 250 hours ago.  N362EA also features WiFi, AvVisor Plus Cabin Display, Dual Flight Management Systems and much more.  This is a turn key aircraft with all maintenance up to date and ready to fly.  Call today to find out more about this excellent Hawker 400XP.

Airframe Total Time 3500
Landings 3250
Engines Since New 250 / 250
Engine Cycles Since New 225 / 225

More Information

Total Time: 3500

Price: $1,995,000

Landings: 3250

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1992 Cessna Citation V

N560JD, Serial Number 560-0174

Low time, well maintained Cessna Citation V.  Great Performance for a great value.  430 knots and 1500+ nm range.  N560JD features no damage history, complete records and excellent maintenance including recent hot section inspections.  Call today to find out more about N560JD.  Phase I-IV due February 2018.  Phase V due May 2018.  Part 135.

Airframe Total Time 5650
Landings 4467
Engines Since Overhaul 2257 / 2128
Engine Cycles Since New 4442 / 4396

More Information

Total Time: 5650

Price: $1,150,000

Landings: 4467

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2000 Cessna Citation Bravo

N555HM / 550-0950

One owner since new!  N555HM has been owned an operated by one company since new.  The aircraft has always been based in North Carolina and has always been maintained by the Cessna Citation Service Center in Greensboro, NC.  The airplane has had the same pilot since new.  N555HM features TCAS II, Power Advantage Engine Program, ProParts and excellent paint and interior, Primus 880 Radar, UNS-1L FMS, HF Provisions, Aircell ST-3100 Iridium Phone, lead acid battery and much more.  N555HM has no damage history and the records are complete.   Call today to find out more about N555HM.

Airframe Total Time: 3900 Hours (As of October 21, 2016)
Landings:  2950
Engines Since New: 3900 / 3900 Hours (Cessna Power Advantage Engine Program)
Engine Cycles Since New: 2950 / 2950
Power Advantage Engine Program

More Information

Total Time: 3900

Price: $1,245,000

Landings: 2950

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2014 Cessna 208 Caravan

N764DF / 208-00556

Like New Caravan 208!  Only 117 hours since new.  One owner since new.  N764DF features Garmin G1000 Avionics, Millennium Concepts Executive Interior installed by Yingling Aircraft, Inc.  Call today to find out more about N764DF.

Airframe Total Time:  125
Landings:  100
Engine Since New:  125
Engine Cycles Since New:  100
Prop Since New:  125


More Information

Total Time: 125

Price: $1,800,000

Landings: 100

2003 Cessna Citation Excel

N560FM, 560-5325

Nicest, lowest time Citation Excel on the market.  N560FM features, Power Advantage, APU and much more.  Call today to find out about this excellent Excel.

Airframe Total Time: 2425 Hours
Landings: 2225
Engines Since New: 2425 / 2425 (Power Advantage)
Engine Cycles Since New: 2225 / 2225
APU Hours: 1400
APU Cycles: 2000

More Information

Total Time: 2425

Price: $3,575,000

Landings: 2225

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1998 Sikorsky S-76C+

N121NC, Serial Number 760491

Carolina Jet, Inc. is proud to offer this 1998 Sikorsky S-76C+ for sale.  N121NC features low total time, no damage history, complete records, recent engine overhauls, recent maintenance and one owner pedigree.  Call today to find out more about this excellent S-76C+.

Airframe Total Hours Since New: 1975
Cycles / Landings Since New: 4325
Engine Hours Since New: 1896 / 1907
Engine Cycles Since New: 3505 / 3587
Engines Hours Since Major Overhaul: 94 / 110

More Information

Total Time: 1975

Price: 1,900,000

Landings: 4325

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1980 Beechcraft King Air 200

N361KA, Serial Number BB-0741

Blackhawk -61 Engines, New Swept Blade Props, Dual Garmin G-600 with Synthetic Vision, WAAS, ADS-B and much more.  Call today to find out more about this turn key King Air 200.

Airframe Total Time: 8325
Landings: 8250
Engines Since Major Overhaul:  796 / 2007
Engines Since New: 7329 / 8153
Engine Cycles Since New: 5421 /6047
Props Since New: 311 / 311  (Raisbeck Quietfan Swept Blade Props Installed New 2015)

More Information

Total Time: 8325

Price: $1,525,000

Landings: 8250

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2016 Beechcraft King Air 250

N916DT, Serial Number BY-0277

Carolina Jet, Inc is proud to exclusive represent N916DT.  N916DT features 325 hours total time, Collins Pro-Line Fusion touch screen avionics, synthetic vision and much more.  Call today to find out more about this excellent King Air 250.

Airframe Total Time:  335
Landings:  330
Engines Since New:  335 / 335
Engine Cycles Since New:  330 / 330
Props Since New:  335 / 61

More Information

Total Time: 335

Price: 3925000

Landings: 330

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2001 Cessna CJ2

N525VP, Serial Number 525A-0040

Carolina Jet, Inc. is proud to exclusive offer N525VP for sale.  N525VP features two US owners, Two Tube Collins Proline 21 Avionics, 2016 Paint and Interior, TAP Elite and Proparts and no damage history.  N525VP is Cessna maintained and ready to serve.  Please call today to find out more about this clean CJ2.

More Information

Total Time: 2950

Price: $2,350,000

Landings: 2425

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2006 Cessna T182T

N233TS, Serial Number T18208523

Carolina Jet, Inc. is proud to represent this late model, Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna Turbo T182T. N233TS features low total time, recent factory engine, heated prop and Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Call today to find out more about this excellent T182T.

More Information

Total Time: 1765

Price: $325,000


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1988 Cessna Citation II

N8344M, Serial Number 550-0577

Airframe Total Time: 6450
Landings: 5855
Engines Since New: 6450 / 6450
Engines Since Major Overhaul: 2990 / 2990 Dallas Airmotive
Engine Cycles Since New: 5775 / 5775
Engines Since Hot Section: 1157 / 1157 Pratt & Whitney

More Information

Total Time: 6450

Price: Make Offer

Landings: 5855

1998 Beechcraft B200

N12KR, Serial Number BB-1632

Airframe Total Time: 2900
Landings: 2850
Engines Since New: 2900 / 2900
Engine Cycles Since New: 2850 / 2850
Props Since Overhaul: 550 / 550 (Due Overhaul July 2016)

More Information

Total Time: 2900

Price: $1,525,000

Landings: 2850

2001 Cessna CJ1

N165CA, 525A-0451

Total Time 2875
Landings 2490
Engines Since New 2875 / 2875 (Serial #s 1913 & 1914)
Engine Cycles Since New 2489 / 2486
Engines Since Hot Section 1108 / 1108
TBO 3500 / 3500

More Information

Total Time: 2875

Price: Sold

Landings: 2490

2009 Cessna Citation XLS+

N193SB, 560-6019

Airframe Total Time: 2475
Landings: 2200
Engines Since New: 2149 / 2149
Engine Cycles Since New: 1889 / 1889
APU Since New: 525
APU Cycles: 675
Power Advantage+

More Information

Total Time: 2475

Price: $7,250,000

Landings: 2200

2008 Cessna Citation Sovereign

N201RC, Serial Number 680-0256

Airframe Hours Since New: 1300
Landings Since New: 1000
Engines Hours Since New: 1300 / 1300
Engine Cycles Since New: 1000 / 1000
APU Hours Since New:  800
APU Cycles Since New:  1300
Power Advantage Plus
Aux Advantage

More Information

Total Time: 1300

Price: $7,750,000

Landings: 1000

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2011 Citation Mustang

N87WC, Serial Number 510-0385

Airframe Total Time: 425
Landings: 325
Engines Since New: 425 / 425
Engine Cycles Since New: 323 / 323
Power Advantage+

More Information

Total Time: 425

Price: $2,500,000

Landings: 325

2011 Cessna CJ4

N718MV, Serial Number 525C-0041

Airframe Total Time: 755
Landings: 685
Engines Since New: 755 / 755
Engine Cycles Since New: 685 / 685
Williams TAP Elite

More Information

Total Time: 755

Price: Make Offer

Landings: 685